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A spreadable jelly from the syrup of baby pine cones and organic cane sugar.


Add a little ferality to the fanciest occasion.


Best enjoyed with a creamy cheese on crackers or toast.


Try it as a glaze for fish or wild game meats!


Blend into ice cream for a bursts of foresty umami "treets" throughout!


Mugolio is a time-honored and cherished traditional culinary art from the European Alps & other Eurasian Highland cultures in which immature pine cones are steeped in cane sugar (or honey or molasses) for at least 3 weeks and often up to a year!


Try our COmugolio® for Colorado's original Pine Berry® syrup - a unique flavor of the high country!


Inspired by the creative culinary likes of @ForagerChef Alan Bergo (highly recommend his book Flora) and @ForageColorado Orion Aon, COmugolio® was conceived as a next tangible and highly marketable -- prized, even -- step along the journey to a fully-fledged foraged product brandship of quality, organic, sustainable, pure delights for Forest lovers and city slickers alike.


Plus, having one more dedicated season to fill the year makes it easier to promise year-round work to more and more Foraging Fire Mitigators as we grow and strengthen the "Circle of Spruce Healing," giving as much back to the Forest as we bring to the People.


Visit to learn more about how we're bringing not only the Forest to the People but also the People back to the Forest towards a more resilient Forest and a healthier Society for USAll.


When something doesn't readily exist that you believe should be available to One & All, take that as your sign to "go forage it," and make it so!


That's our philosophy, and we're proud to be bringing not only Ancient Forest goods to Modern People, but we're also bringing People back into the Forest, where Humans once roamed and maintained the abundant but delicate land much as a farmer or a rancher stewards their land today.


It's time for USAll to reunite with Our Land and with One Another.



Fairy Berry™ Jelly - 4oz Jar

Expected to Ship By 2024
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