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Balm - /bä(l)m/


1. a fragrant ointment or preparation used to heal or soothe the skin.

syn. ointment, lotion, cream, salve, liniment, embrocation

2. a tree which yields a fragrant resinous substance, especially one used in medicine.

syn. Spruce Sap

One thing has certainly always led to another in my life, and how I met the spruce tree and became acquainted with its "balminess" is certainly no different. It's hard for me to recount the sequence of events without shaking my head in disbelief and bringing tears to my eyes in gracious appreciation.

For most of high school and through most of my undergrad, I thought I was going to become an M.D. Doctor. I'm clearly fascinated by the world of natural medicine and its ancient history. But I would almost get laughed out of the lecture hall for asking questions about natural remedies during the later years of upper level biology and chemistry classes. After shadowing numerous practitioners in various fields, I decided that continuing straight into Med School was not the route for me, as I do not appreciate the world of prescribing pills to people who expect the pharmaceutical to solve all of their problems before making wise lifestyle changes.

Still, and only increasingly so, I consider my spirit to be that of a Medicine Man, compelled to bring healing and comfort to those in pain and suffering.

Since moving to Colorado, I've been blessed with the opportunity to own my own landscaping company, bringing me closer and closer every summer to the nature that surrounds us and from which we've increasingly become disconnected in our Western culture.

I'm determined to bring us back to our roots before it's too late, lest we collapse unwillingly to a more primitive world. I believe in the Circle and in a balanced way of life. We've come a long way from the poverty of pre-industrialization, but the comforts of our modern world seem to be yielding increasing problems among us, both interpersonally and internally, as our connections to one another and to our surroundings is gradually depleted from our day-to-day lives.

All that said, it's important to appreciate both what's new and amazing, and what's always been (and also amazing).

The Spruce (Balm), among many others across the globe, is one of those primal connections to our Mother Earth from which I hope we humans never grow too distant.

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