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An Ancient Armor " feel the spruce heal?"

It's not just a catchy rhyme that happens to help describe the obviously intended purpose of Spru-Seal® Balm!

Spruce sap, along with each of the other 3 ingredients in our restorative salve recipes, does indeed provide elements and conditions under which dry skin can more effectively heal itself from within...exactly as the spruce does, or should we say, wishes it could do?

The spruce tree, though mighty and tall and able to withstand the harshest winter alpine conditions, unfortunately is lacking in hands and fingertips with which it (can't) spread its self-produced sticky, antibiotic sealant all over its wounds! Poor trees -- what a curse!

Fear not! Here come Spru-Seal® foragers and forest lovers to collect the dried spruce seal and spread any fresh sap to seal any open wounds to help the SPRUCE HEAL! Imagine a mid winter, curiously hungry young moose, or the herds of roaming elk and their broad branching racks of antlers, swarming armies of beetles that bore into forests of spruce up and down the Rocky Mountain range, much like the miners of 100 years ago, boring for a different gold, or even a rogue bear or mountain lion deciding to sharpen its claws on a particularly exposed spruce trunk... all the harsh elements of nature that the spruce can only bleed and hope to cover over time...

So it's not just a funny rhyme that you'll smell a little sprucey or that the spruce sap ingredients themselves are healing, but that your purchase of Spru-Seal® allows our foragers to spread any unusable fresh sap onto any reachable spruce wounds.

On top of that direct per-tree wound healing effort, Spru-Seal® is committed to cleaning up any forest fire hazards (eg) dried tinder lower branches, for the landowners who graciously allow us to forage their forested lands and for the sake of the Public Lands that surround them (and us all).

Native American and pioneer survival skills;

Water proofing, fire starting, wound healing, chewing gum taste enjoyment.

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